Food Drive at St. James

On Saturday, April 25, dozens of volunteers from St. James stood outside of three locations: A&P on Valey Road, King's on Valley Road, and Shop Rite of Brookdale. They collected 300 bags of groceries for the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, enough food to fill the Parish Hall:

Lorrie Weeks, Vestry member and one of the organizers of this event, shared her thoughts about the amazing effort:

"Somehow for me it all comes back to “my brothers and sisters in Christ”.  I look at the pictures Sharon sent and see friends who have been with me for over 30 years.  I’ve buried a child with them, changed their children’s diapers, taught them in Sunday School, helped them move, danced at their children’s weddings, mourned at their spouses funerals.  This is truly the story of my life.  My St. James family.  And, as always they come out to minister to others.  Faithful to the end.  The only difference is that there are new faces in the family.  God has brought us together.  I am truly blessed."

**All photos by Sharon Sheridan Hausman

Sarah Eggleson helps sort the food donations.
Lorrie Weeks (right) and Penny Witt (center) collect donations at Shop Rite of Brookdale.
Dave Smythe hands out a flyer to a shopper at A&P on Valley Road
Jackson Pagliaro helps collect food at A&P.