The Sky's the Limit Thrift Store

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The thrift store is currently CLOSED because of the current COVID numbers.  We hope to re-open again in late January.  Please check the St. James website for current information.
We cannot accept donations until the shop has re-opened.


The Sky's the Limit thrift store - A thrift store with style!  
  • Tuesdays 10-2
  • Wednesdays 10-2
  • Saturdays 10-2

We are accepting donations on the days when the shop is open (from 10-2). We cannot accept the following items: books, electronics, underwear, pajamas, bathing suits, stuffed animals, bed linens, applicances, and furniture.  For questions, please email

“The Sky's The Limit" Thrift Shop is a ministry of The Episcopal Church of Saint James and was created to support young adults with special needs, challenges, and gifts in a workplace where they will be treated with dignity and respect.  We currently are employing students from Montclair High School.

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