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St James Episcopal Church on ABC-TV

As students from across the country are preparing for "March for Our Lives", a unique memorial for the victims of the Florida school shooting has been created outside St James Episcopal Church in Montclair, NJ.  Please follow this link to see the broadcast -

March for Our Lives

Saturday, March 24

On Saturday, March 24, St. James will host a March for Our Lives gathering on the church's front lawn (corner of Valley Rd. and Bellevue Ave. beginning at 5 PM.



Memorial to the Lost

St. James Episcopal Church dedicated a Tee-Shirt Memorial for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Sunday, February 18. 

It will stay on the lawn through Lent.  Please come by to leave messages of support and condolence in the community journal.

Underground Railroad Intergenerational Event

Sunday, February 5

St James Church’s Underground Railroad Experience is Feb 5, 2017 at the conclusion of the 10:15 a.m. service. At the close of the service parishioners and visitors will be brought to the church's porch (bell tower, ground floor) where they will hear from their plantation owner.

Then, in secret, they will be led by a conductor and a watchman to the safety of Canada (the church). The trip is a long and dangerous one. The journey has  four stops: a visit with Harriet Tubman, a visit with Frederick Douglas, a visit with the Quakers, and a visit with a NJ abolitionist, Ms Abigail, all in different rooms of the church.  Click on the picture for more information


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